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Astronomers have discovered 83 quasars powered by supermassive black holes that were formed when the universe was only 5 percent of its current ... read more
Anthropologists have long made the case that tool-making is one of the key behaviors that separated our human ancestors from other primates. A new article, however, argues that it was not tool-making ... read more
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Two recent studies report discoveries of dust rings in the inner solar system: a dust ring at Mercury's orbit, and a group of never-before-detected asteroids co-orbiting with Venus, supplying the ... DETZFSWBG Vintage Punk black Fedora Gothic Zylinder Steampunk Party Festival Hüte Cosplay
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March 14, 2019

Researchers have developed a robotic system that can feed people who need someone to help them ... read more
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March 14, 2019